Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I dread September

September seems to be a particularly bad time of year for me. It seems that many bad things happen around that time of year. My mother passed away on September 5th, 2002 unexpectedly. My family purchased and moved into her house and exactly one year to the day of her death our central air conditioning system gave out and had to be replaced. The next year during the month of September we found out we had to replace our heating system (which was separate from our central air) and the next year in September (Labor Day weekend) our well went dry and we were without water until December.

You are probably starting to get the picture now. In 2006 we had to replace a large portion of the roof on the house during September which was expensive and in 2007 my husband had a severe case of bronchitis that he had a time getting rid of also during September.

This year the day after Labor Day as my son was getting ready for school he had a seizure. At the time we were not sure what was going on but we called the paramedics. About 2.5 hours later at the hospital he had another seizure which was what used to be called a grand mal and was apparently what he had at home. All kinds of tests were done and we were told it was not anything physical but so far we don't have a reason. He stayed in the hospital overnight and we were told that if he had another seizure he was going to be transferred to a children's hospital. He was released the next day and we were told he could resume his normal activities. So far so good but it is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have an appointment with a neurologist next week and hopefully we will get some answers or have our minds relieved then. Will let you know on that.

So.......... every year I dread September. It just seems to be too many coincidences and many of the happenings take place right around the anniversay of Mom's death. I wonder is she trying to tell me something?

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