Monday, May 25, 2009

New Work Completed

Red Wagon Wheel
By: Lori Talbert
8x10 Colored Pencil and Graphite on Bristol Board

Just completed the most recent piece I have been working on for the past couple of weeks. I found the reference pic on morgue file when I was browsing and saved it for future use. Something about this pic fascinated me and I thought it would make an interesting subject.

I started in in graphite and realized it would not be as interesting as I once thought completed all in pencil. So I decided to take a chance and add some color with the colored pencils. I chose the wagon wheel and then that stood out too much so I also colored the ground.

Its works pretty good for me. Not nearly as difficult as the last piece I completed but good to get me going on my artwork again.

Now I don't know which one to use as my third entry for the art show. This piece or the last one entitled Millboro Post Office / General Store. What do you think?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Right Brain or Left Brain?

I found a link to this quiz for artists on another site to determine if you were right brained or left brained. It is about 20 questions and doesn't take long. It was kind of fun.

I scored 14 out of 20, with a score of 70%. My right brain is quite dominant.

Maybe that is why I am left handed.

Anyway here is the link if you want to try:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Checking In

Hi. It has been awhile now since I posted so I thought I would just check in. After I completed the Old Millboro Post Office / General Store I was kind of drained. It was one of the most difficult works I have completed to date and I guess I have been recharging my batteries.

I did begin a new work on Sunday. Work is progressing slowly and I believe it will be difficult as well. Not sure if it will be something I will want to post or not. We will have to see how it comes along.

I have had some minor health issues and have not felt myself lately but I am working on those things. Stress from work is pretty bad so that is not helping either. However, this is Memorial Day weekend and I plan to do something fun with my family. Hope all of you can do something for the holiday weekend as well.

The juried art show is coming up and I have the works I want to enter framed but have to wire them for hanging. My husband paints from time to time and I am trying to get him to enter with me. Not sure if he will or not.

I caught up on my blog reading this morning. Everyone has some wonderful work to show so please check out the blogs I follow.

Well, that is the update. Hope to post some art soon! Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Drawing Completed (For better or worse!)

Millboro Post Office / General Store
By: Lori Talbert
I have completed the drawing I have been working on for so long now. I must say it was the most difficult project I have ever tackled. I thought the portrait of my husband and son was hard but this one really took the cake!

I was definitely out of my comfort zone! The foliage was extremely difficult for me and I spent a lot of time practicing it and finally decided just to go ahead and do it. The perspective did not bother me that much as I have taken a class on this in the past that was pretty involved. I don't remember all of the class but I do remember how to find the vanishing point to get the building angles correct. Even so I realized at one point my perspective was off and had to go back and correct it. This drawing is on the verge of being overworked and may possibly be considered overworked but I was determined to finish what I started.
It definitely tested my abilities and was a learning experience and I know the next project of this type will be easier and better for the effort.
The reference pic can be found in an older post from April if you want to look at it. This is 8x10 graphite on bristol board.
There is another juried art show sponsored by the Randolph Arts Guild coming up in June. The deadline for submissions is May 29th. For an entry fee of $25.00 each artist can submit up to three works for consideration. My plans are to enter this show. All three works can be selected, two works, 1 work or no work and you just lose your entry fee. I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained. The works must have been completed in the last two years. I hope to enter the double portrait of my husband and son entitled "A Good Time" and the drawing entitled "Ready To Work." Both can be found in older posts if you care to look or in the slideshow in the upper right corner of my blog. All work will be matted and framed.
Do you think I should also enter this work as my third submission? Would it be worth my while to do so? Please comment and let me know what you think. (Your family always tell you everything looks terrific).
Thanks guys!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I am still working on the drawing of the Millboro Post Office/General Store. The foliage is really proving difficult. I have practiced and practiced on other pieces of paper/bristol board and just was not satisfied. I finally just went with the best I could do and will hope for the best. I will post an updated WIP soon.

My idea on the blog award did not pan out. No one commented and collected the award. Everyone is just too modest. So..... I will list some blogs to collect this award:
Stephen Baird at Nikon Sniper has the most wonderful photos:
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Please collect your awards and play along!