Monday, September 29, 2008

Neurologist Update

Promised an update on my son after we visited the neurologist. We were told there was nothing physically wrong that had caused the seizures. All physical tests, CT scan, blood work, MRI came back normal. However, his EEG showed "definite abnormal" brain activity from the right front temporal lobe area. We had two options, to medicate or wait and see. The Dr. recommended not medicating at the present time and that is what we decided to do. My son asked him about having another seizure and the Dr. said right now he had a 60% chance he would and a 40% chance he would not have another seizure. If my son goes six months without a seizure his odds go to 70% he will not have another seizure and 30% he will. Every month he goes without a seizure improves his odds of not having another. If he goes a year without another one he will probably not have anymore because it is very rare for someone to go a year and then begin having seizures again. If he has another seizure we will begin medication and if he makes six months without one we will do another EEG and re-evaluate at that time.

Many people around the world are praying for my son and my family greatly appreciates all of the prayers and good thoughts!

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