Monday, September 22, 2008

Gas Prices

Friday my family went to the Central Carolina Fair and were extremely surprised to see that the parking lot had so many spaces available. Once we went inside we saw that there were some people walking around but not many appeared to be spending money. The game attendants were extremely aggressive trying to get people to play their games and I quickly found the best thing was to avoid eye contact. I guess they were getting desparate for people to spend money with them.

Saturday as we ran our errands (got groceries and went out to eat), the grocery store parking lot was practically empty and when we went to the restaurant (Mayflower) they had no business as well. A whole section of the restaurant had empty tables when usually you have to wait in line. My husband asked the cashier as he was paying if she thought the gas prices had hurt their business and she said it really had.

Yesterday I took our son to Wal-mart to get some pants for the upcoming cooler weather. As we drove through our small town and stopped at the stop light there was not another car in sight. It was really spooky.

I guess people are really cutting down on their weekend driving and activities. For some families it is very hard to purchase groceries and gasoline for their vehicles to go to work with the high prices and non- necessities have to go. I'll bet the high gas prices have hurt the movies and other leisure activities as well as the restaurants. You can really see how things are a chain and how one link affects another.

Oh, while at the fair I spent $7 playing the lottery at their booth and won $27! That was pretty cool, but then I spent $7 more and didn't win anything. I believe you can win enough in the lottery to keep you playing but in the end you don't get ahead.

We go to the neurologist on Wednesday, will let you know what he says.

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