Monday, April 20, 2009

Work in Progress

Reference Photo

Old Millboro Post Office / General Store

Well I was not able to complete my entry for the juried art show of a Randolph County subject in time for submision deadline. I do appreciate all of the encouragement I received from everyone to try. The reference picture is above. I have thought about this building for many years and when I heard about the show I drove out to Millboro to take some photos. I should have taken some when I was thinking about doing a drawing years ago as it is much more overgrown now.

I am going to continue to work on this and hopefully complete it. Buildings are not that hard as they are mostly straight lines, getting your perspective correct and shading. I believe the surrounding foliage will make or break this drawing. I want to include the broom sage growing in the foreground as I believe the successful rendition of this will give the drawing depth. I am not that great on foliage and have been studying some books. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

There is another juried art show coming up in a little over a month where three works can be entered by each artist and can be any medium or subject as long as they have been completed within the last two years. Hopefully I will be able to enter some work in that show.


Laure Ferlita said...

Oh, Lori, this is going to be wonderful! I wish I could help out on tips or tricks, but I'm sure I'd steer you wrong as I don't do cp!

The only tip I will give you is this: experiment first! Take out some paper identical to what you working on and try out your ideas. It will give you the confidence to do it well on your "real" art.

Can't wait to see it finished and good for you, girl, for trying!

Teresa said...

This is looking really good Lori! You've made a great start!

Here's a link to Mike Sibley's site. He has some tutorials - really good instruction - on several things, one of them is trees which may be of some help with foliage/greenery.

Artist Unplugged said...

That is looking really good....see, I have a hard time with rows of straight lines.....look forward to seeing more of it.

Rose said...

I love the architectural look to this already, this is going to be a beauty!!!

Jan said...

I don't do architectural work so I know I can't help any with this! However, it's looking good so far. I hate that you didn't get it finished in time for the last show but please do enter it in the one coming up!

Stephen Baird said...

love the photo. your drawing is even better.
great work. wish i had that kind of skill.