Saturday, January 31, 2009

Difficult Week

This past week it just seemed more bad news followed bad news. I work with individuals who are unemployed and looking for work and this past week around 200 people in our county lost their jobs. We also learned of over 50 more that had lost their jobs in the previous week that we had not heard about. January has been a bad month in our county.

Our unemployment rate for December was 8.9 percent and I wouldn't be surprised if it topped double digits for January. It is hard to hear all of the stories these people tell and very sad. We offer all of the assistance and referrals we can but what they need most is employment and unfortunately there is just not much available.

I know the entire country is being affected, not just our county but these are the people I interact with and am working with on a daily basis. I can only hope that things begin to improve soon but I fear that will be a long time coming.

With all of this going on it was hard to get into the mood to produce any art work but on the other hand I knew I needed to do something because creating art is good therapy for me. It relaxes me and improves my mood and I always feel better after I create.

One of the artist's forums I belong to had a drawing challenge for January. I selected a photo and used that. It is an OSWOA (original small work of art) 4x6, colored pencil on bristol board. It did not come out quite as well as I had hoped but it is OK.

I have become addicted to this form of art as with my busy schedule of working and raising a family I can complete one of these pieces in an evening with very little mess. I believe this type of art work is becoming more popular as more and more works show up on the internet for sale. When I first began researching this type of artwork, there would be around 90 works for sale on Ebay. Now there is continuously over 130 offered on Ebay at any time for sale and many more on other places on the web such as Etsy.

Anyway here is the latest:


By: Lori Talbert


I have also been searching for other artist's blogs on the internet, especially artists from North Carolina. I have made some new friends this way and have viewed some really great works of art. I hope to add links to these blogs on my site soon so stay tuned!


Laure Ferlita said...

No doubt, you are in a difficult position - to hear those heartbreaking stories and know there is only so much you can do. I admire you for your courage.

Keep going with your art - it will keep you sane. Your is gorgeous. Knowing the struggle behind it makes it more beautiful.

Teresa said...

Lori, your butterfly is lovely! Such rich, glowing colors.... two thumbs up!

Re: unemployment in NC... I'm hearing similar stories. It's tough to listen to them.... makes you feel so helpless.

But I'm glad you're working on your art, It really is great therapy. I've found it's so absorbing that I forget everything else when I'm making art. I read a quote somewhere that said making art was like taking a vacation... I'll agree with that!

twincedar said...

Thanks guys! I didn't mean to sound so down. I love my job and meeting all of the people I work with. Last week was just difficult. My art does indeed keep me grounded!